For Video Chat appointments we are using a secure, end-to-end encrypted telemedicine partner,
You need:
  • a stable internet connection
  • a device with a screen, speakers, camera and microphone (smartphones, tablets, laptops or personal computers will all work well!). 
  • Download and install one of the following web browsers:  Chrome, Safari (for Mac OS) or Firefox
  • Adjust the settings on the device under the privacy settings to allow video and audio (enable camera, enable microphone).
  • Review the Telemedicine Consent: COVID19 form here
  • Type your name in the Welcome box
  • Click the Check In button

  • Click the link below for the provider with whom you have an appointment.

If it is your first video chat, click the "Pre-call Test" button at the bottom left of the screen that allows you to ensure your microphone and camera and internet connection are stable, and review the tips for a great call (the bottom left corner of the website).